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Connect, collaborate, and execute ideas and workflows—all in one place.

Multiple editors
Live updates
Easy-to-use editor
Team collaboration
Embedded widgets
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1. Collaborate

Harness the power of your team with live collaboration

Co-edit in real-time, instantly share comments, and drag and drop your text without disrupting your team members.
2. Connect
3. Execute
Weekly checklist

Stay on top of your
everyday work

Organize your team with a checklist of weekly tasks in one shared workdoc to keep projects moving forward.
Weekly Checklist

Execute better ideas together

Share ideas, images, and more with the ultimate, flexible work canvas to get your team’s creativity flowing.
Meeting summary

Make your meetings count

Keep a clear record of your meeting highlights and tag team members on all of the relevant next steps.
Meeting summary
Project plan

Organize and track projects start to finish

Stay updated on who’s doing what and when with timelines, to-do lists, and task assignments.
Project plan
Product launch plan

Visualize your entire product roadmap

Centralize all project updates, data, and more to keep relevant stakeholders involved and up-to-date.
Product launch plan

Reimagine how you work with docs

Set ideas into motion
in just a few clicks

Transform text in your workdocs into action items on any board to drive workflows forward.

Connect monday workdocs across your organization

Keep your workdocs accessible to create, align, and drive action in every aspect of your team’s work.

More than just a doc

Board integrations icons

Board integrations

Embed any of your monday boards
straight into your workdoc.
Real time engine icon

Real-time engine

Enable hundreds of people to work
together seamlessly in one workdoc.
tagging icon


Tag team members so ownership is
clear and leaving edits is seamless.
Multiple editors icon

Multiple editors

Edit any doc together with
team members simultaneously.
Live updates icon

Live updates

Receive comments and assign tasks
to anyone in real-time.
Checklist icon


Create a visual task list to keep
your big ideas organized.
Easy to use editor icon

Easy-to-use editor

Edit your workdocs with an intuitive
drag and drop interface.
Embed everything icon

Embedded elements

Embed dashboards,
images, videos, and more.
Autosave icon


All your work is saved
automatically, as you work.

Say goodbye to traditional docs

Check out monday workdocs in action

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