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High-level overview

Gain real-time insights

Easily analyze your data and simplify strategic decision-making with custom dashboards. Run reports, create summaries, track progress, and get a high-level overview of your entire organization.
Dashboard customization

View data your way

Build the reporting tools you need for your business with customizable no-code dashboards. Add widgets such as charts and timeline to help further visualize your data and stay up-to-date on progress and results.
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Resource management

Prioritize work smarter

Adapt to changes and prioritize workloads strategically to boost team productivity and facilitate more efficient workflows. Quickly identify what needs your attention and catch potential risks before they happen.
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See our top widgets in action

Easily customize your dashboards with 50+ widgets to view data any way you want.
Top widgets

Get a quick view of everything from budgets to hours and easily analyze numbers from several boards - in one place.

Numbers widget

Use pie charts, bars, lines, and more to visually showcase data from multiple boards.


See task, team, or project progress at a glance with our intuitive battery widget.


Set clear dependencies and keep everyone aligned throughout the project process with our easy-to-use Gantt chart.


Track your team’s workload, see who is over and under capacity, and assign tasks accordingly to maximize efficiency.

Time tracking

Track hours spent on tasks across your team to improve time management and productivity.

Time tracking

Get all the data insights you need in one place with 50+ apps built to enhance your dashboard experience.

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