Vacation Tracker Template

Make tracking days off a lot less painful with a totally customizable, easy-to-use template.

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Vacation Tracker Template

Struggling to manage employee vacation days? Looking for the right template to make the job easier? makes tracking days off a lot less painful with a totally customizable template that helps you track requests, fast-track approvals, and prevent payroll errors.

With this intuitive vacation tracker template, employees can easily submit their requests and receive a notification when their request has been approved or denied. Employees shouldn’t have to wait longer than necessary for an answer to their leave requests. If a request is pending longer than expected, you can easily set automatic reminders.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Automated notifications:

    Easily notify someone when a leave request is approved, denied or still pending.

  • Dashboards:

    Get a high-level overview of vacation days, company-wide.

  • Form integration:

    Create custom forms for employees to submit leave requests

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