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Bring out the best in your remote team with Work OS. Our cloud-based software helps teams align fast, set goals, easily collaborate, boost team communication, and track progress— whether they work from home or from the office.

Remote working software

These days, more and more teams are working remotely.

This means project managers or leaders need to manage their team's workflows, communicate across platforms, reinforce company culture, facilitate team-wide communication, and keep all work materials updated and accessible.

The approach to remote work software

What is remote work software?

Remote work software is a (typically cloud-based) solution that provides one central place for everything work-related.The best remote work softwares on the market make it easy for organizations to prioritize tasks and projects, track progress, share resources, manage workflows.

What makes a good remote work software in 2022?

A good remote work software for 2022 is future-proof. It will help you manage workloads and deadlines, share information, track company and team goals, and more, but it will also scale with you. As the company's needs shift, a robust software will allow you to fully customize your solution, setting up workflows in minutes.
Collaborate when working from home

What do remote working tools allow teams to do?

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Manage team workloads

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Communicate with teams org-wide

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Keep the company culture

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Track goals, KPIs,
and milestones

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Share information and create materials

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Schedule meetings and shifts

Why teams from all industries and organizations choose as their remote work software


Clear communication

Creating one central hub for all communication not eliminates confusion and streamlines workflows, but it saves remote employees' time as well. Teams can cut down on meetings, reduce email chains, and have discussions within the context of the work.

Onboard team members fast

Get remote workers started in minutes. Create your new hires board and attach videos, tasks, onboarding checklists, automatic check-ins and more on When individuals have all the resources they need right from the beginning, they start working fast.

Keep goals top of mind

When the team is aligned towards company and team KPIs, you can reach your goals much faster. With customizable dashboards, you can track your team's overall production levels and project progress, and allocate or redirect in just a couple of clicks.

Stay on top of your work

It's easier to stay on top of work when all updates are in one place. Receive real-time notifications when statuses change, when someone tags you in a comment, or assigns you a task. Check project progress, and easily share files and check in with remote team members.

Manage workloads

Quickly see where projects stand, note deadlines, and understand who is at capacity. With our time estimation column, you can get a clear view into how much effort teams are putting into tasks—allowing you assign or reassign tasks accordingly, and change due dates.

Boost collaboration

monday workdocs let teams collaborate, connect, and exchange ideas in real-time, without disturbing others' work. Embed boards, dashboards, and videos, directly on the doc—all components are synced so you can see updates as you work.

Get started fast with our remote work templates

Instead of building new workflows from scratch, save time and head over to our Template Center where all customers can access 200+ customizable templates for every industry, business, and team. Choose a template that reflects your needs, then customize it to make it yours!

We offer templates for:
Daily team tasks
Remote equipment check
Resource center
Employee onboarding
Remote team requests and more!

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