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monday work management core certification

Boost your monday work management knowledge and pass the core certification exam to get the official stamp of approval.

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This certification is for users who want to boost their skills to implement workflows in their organization or for clients.
Access for 90 days
Valid for 1 year
Your certification journey starts here...
Enter your details and receive access to the course and exam by email
Complete lessons
Complete lessons
Go through the self-paced, extensive lessons and quizzes online
Getting started with your team's account
Get acquainted with the basic features and building blocks
Building workflows
Learn how to create effective workflows using our 6-step methodology
Account governance and permissions
Understand the nuances of board-level permissions and workspace management
Learn how to create automations to make your workflow more efficient
The formula column
Understand the formula column including common use cases, best practices, and common mistakes to avoid
Set up dependencies between tasks in your project and understand the logic behind them
Reporting in
Explore how to generate impactful reports from single and multiple boards
How to successfully implement
Go through the implementation process including kickoff, discovery and workflow building, rollout and post-rollout phases
Complete the exam
Complete the exam
Pass the exam to earn your certificate
About the exam
Put your knowledge to use by answering questions about implementing a specific workflow
45 multiple <br> choice questions
45 multiple
choice questions
Use-case <br> based
Passing score:  85%
Passing score: 85%

You’ll become certified in…


Building efficient, collaborative workflows


Using various features to support your work


Ensuring smooth rollout across an organization

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Marly Jay
“The training I received changed my business and made me a true professional”
David Verneuille
“Getting those badges has been instrumental for my business, I have such a robust and deep understanding of the platform”
Brittany Hope
“Having the stamp on my profile and website really gives me a leg up”


No prior experience is required for the this certification. 

Once you purchase the course, you will receive a link to the lessons by email. You’ll be able to access the lessons, quizzes, and exam for 90 days.

The new certification has updated content, new lessons, and a brand new exam.

Your certification is valid until its expiration date. Once it expires, you can take the new monday work management core certification. 


The core certification lessons are online and self-paced, including both text and interactive videos. The quizzes throughout the course and the final exam will be multiple-choice.

To become certified, you must receive a grade of 85% or higher on the final exam.

Your certification will be valid for 12 months. After that, you can renew your certification for another year. is constantly evolving, and we want to make sure you’re an expert in the platform. After 12 months, you’ll have the opportunity to keep your knowledge sharp and up-to-date.

You can retake the final exam as many times as you need within the allotted 90 days, and the questions will change each time. If you don’t pass the exam within the allotted 90 days, you will need to purchase the course again and retake the lessons. You may request an extension beyond the 90 days, but these extensions will only be granted on a rare, case-by-case basis. 


No, once you start the course we do not have an option for refunds.

Those who pass the final exam receive an official monday work management core certificate which they can display on their professional profiles.

This course is intended for implementers. Official partners go through more extensive training tailored to their needs.

Feel free to reach out through this form.

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